Center for aesthetic plastic surgery

Welcome to the Klinik im Spiegel, your Clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery and hand surgery. Located in a carefully restored Jugendstil villa in Berne, the clinic offers its patients a unique blend of old world charm and traditional values, combined with modern conveniences and the most up-to-date technology available.


Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery can fulfil a long-held desire for a natural and harmonious appearance by means of an appropriate procedure. A successful correction can help improve someone’s quality of life. It becomes an integral part of a person’s overall existence and highlights the natural beauty and radiance of the personality.

Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetics supplements our range of surgical options with a series of aesthetic, non-invasive treatments and therapies. The very latest line-correction methods enable many things to be corrected at an early stage without the need for surgery, using things like botulinum toxin and/or line treatment with hyaluronic acid preparations or autologous fat. A peeling removes pigment spots and enhances the skin structure. 

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery includes scar corrections, restorations of the nose and ear, and breast reconstructions. Breast reconstruction after treatment for breast cancer has grown in importance in recent years; the surgical options have been expanded with reconstruction forms involving own body tissue taken from the stomach that can be carried out using conservative microsurgical techniques.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery, which used to be subsumed under plastic surgery and is a separate speciality today, is performed exclusively by specialists in such techniques in our clinic. The range of treatments offered covers all dysfunctions affecting the hand. This includes changes to the tendons, vessels, joints and nerves, which may become constricted at various points. Acute injuries, congenital deformities, nervous disorders and tumours, and rheumatic diseases can all be treated.
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