Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Operation theory

It is not possible to correct flabby abdominal skin using liposuction alone. Belly flab is indicated by wrinkles forming (“mother’s apron”) and stretch marks. In such cases, the lower part of the abdominal skin must be removed. During the operation, a section of the abdominal skin above the navel is removed from the abdominal wall and then tightened. The abdominal wall can also be tucked at the same time; this serves to correct a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle (diastasis recti), for instance. The scar left by a tummy tuck is located in the bikini line and is hence optimally covered.

OP duration

2-3 hours.


General anaesthetic.


2 nights.


An abdominal belt must be worn for mobilization for four weeks after the operation; lifting weights in excess of 10kg should also be avoided during this period. The wounds are sealed for one month, after which they are massaged with scar cream.


Haematoma, infection, poor scar healing (primarily affects smokers), thrombosis/embolism. The most frequent complication, which is observed in around 10% of cases, is a seroma, which is a collection of tissue liquid between the abdominal walls. This complication can be permanently remedied by means of punctures. In most cases, a slight local loss of sensation remains below the navel.

Recovery time

Work: 1- 2 weeks (office). Physical exertion/sport: 4 weeks.



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