Breast enlargement (augmentation mammoplasty)

Operation theory

These days, many women fulfil their wish for larger, fuller breasts. The reasons for this are many and varied; in many cases, breasts that are naturally not well formed or with different shapes do not conform to a woman’s bodily ideal. Furthermore, many women do not want to accept that their breast shape has changed for the worse, as can happen after pregnancy, a major loss of weight or with age. Most women want a moderate, natural-looking breast enlargement of 1 to 2 cup sizes. This can be achieved by implanting silica-gel prostheses. The choice of implant is geared to the dimensions of the breast size and breast base, and the patient’s wishes.

The incision for the operation is generally made in the fold under the breast, as this is a good place to “hide” the 5cm scar. Alternatively, an incision near the nipple or in the armpit is possible. The prosthesis is implanted behind the breast gland or the breast muscle, depending on the size of the natural breast and the desired prosthesis size. The decision for a breast implant is almost always based on a desire for aesthetic change and is generally not a question of age; however, the body should have stopped growing (from age 18).

OP duration

1-2 hours.


General anaesthetic.


Out-patient or 1 night


The inserted drains (Redons) are removed before leaving the hospital; showering is possible after 3 days. A sports bra should be worn day and night for 4 weeks; sporting activity should be avoided during this period. The post-operative pain can generally be treated with conventional painkillers that are taken for around a week.


Secondary bleeding (haematoma) 1%, infection rate of less than 1%, capsule formation 3-4%, scar problems are rare. Asymmetries occasionally arise some of which already existed prior to the operation and can be accentuated by the breast enlargement. Second operations are necessary in rare cases to correct a shifting of the implants.
Modern implants are filled with cohesive silica gel and cannot escape. This means that the implant replacements that used to be performed after 10 to 15 years are no longer necessary.

Recovery time

Work: 1 week (office). Physical exertion: 3-4 weeks. Avoiding exposure to strong sunlight or extreme cold: 6-8 weeks. Final result 6-12 months.


A breast implant gives you a full, natural breast shape that also feels like a normal breast. The results are very long-lasting, but not permanent. The elastic material in the implants can degenerate; the best implants in use today do, however, last much longer than 15 years.

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