Intimate surgery

Operation theory

Anatomic changes of the genital region can occur after giving childbirth, genetically, after ageing or weight loss. Mostly disproportional enlarged labia minores lead to functional problems. Sometimes extra folds of the clitoral hood or reduced labia majores are present. 

Beside the aesthetic concerns women mostly claim functional problems.  Irritation of the skin, pain during sports, cycling or intercourse, wearing tight clothes can cause discomfort. 

The aim of a labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction is to remove any excess tissue improving the symptoms and leaving a more balanced appearance. Different operation techniques are used to treat the specific problems. 

Atrophied labia majores can be filled with fat grafting. As around 30% of the fat is being resorbed a second operation might be needed.

OP duration

60 min-90min


Local anesthesia with sedation




Secondary bleeding, poor scar healing, infection

Recovery time

Work: 1-2- week (office). Physical activity/ sports: 4 weeks


Usually we use dissolvable sutures. 



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