Lip treatment

Treatment theory

Perfectly formed fully and luscious lips are a beauty ideal. Thereby lip shape, volume and structure can be improved. The fine peroral lines and even asymmetries of lip forms might be corrected. More definition of the lip is achieved by contouring the lip border. 
Injectable dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid are most commonly used to get the wished effect. Usually the results last for around 9 months until the hyaluronic acid is resorbed. The result is seen immediately, the amount of substance injected can be controlled and the injections can be given gradually until the desired results are achieved. 

Fat injections are other methods, thus less predictable but longer lasting.

Treatment duration

30min (Hyaluronic acid)


If you wish a nerve block can be performed or an anesthetic local cream can be applied. The hyaluronic acid product itself contain local anesthetic




Little bruises and swelling for a few days

Recovery time

No sports for one day

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